Building Cochrane Together!

If you would like to work with me to improve transportation, balance growth and reduce spending, follow me on facebook. I will be sending updates on events, posting interesting information or just replying to questions about my campaign.


Improve Transportation

There is a saying that “we all rise with the tide.” It might also be fitting to say, “we all flow with the traffic.” If the traffic is at a standstill, so is our town. Traffic adds stress to our lives, makes our roads less safe, and can have a snowballing impact on our day.

I want to work with you to get traffic flowing to give you back more of your day, to reduce your stress and to make safety a priority on our roads.

Balance Growth

Balance comes when you have the right mixture of ingredients. Over the last four years, we have had an imbalance in the amount of residential growth, and we are starting to feel the scales tip. We need to start balancing this growth with changes to the local infrastructure and by attracting new and exciting businesses.

Reduce Spending

To lower taxes we need to reduce cost. We have all felt the impact of the latest downturn in the economy. We have had to cut back and look at how we spend our money. Municipal government is no different. We need to stop spending on things we don’t need and stop overspending on the things we do.

About Me

  • Husband, Father, Friend, Neighbour
  • 17+ years working in the Software Industry
  • Member of the Cochrane Lion’s Club
  • Volunteer for Helping Hands

I have split most of my life between Alberta and Ontario. Having moved to Alberta with my family back in the 80’s, I returned with my wife in 2003. We, like many, moved out to Alberta for opportunities and stayed because we found a home.

My family moved to Cochrane nearly 2 years ago, and we have already made it our home. We volunteer regularly at local events, with local organizations and the kids are involved in local sports, dance and a variety of school clubs and groups. I have also been actively following local politics by attending the council meetings and talking with members of council and administration whenever I can.

I will stand up for what I believe in and defend others’ right to have a difference of opinion. I speak my mind with honesty and respect.

Let's Chat!

If you would like to talk about how we can work together to build Cochrane, support me with a lawn sign, or just to say hello. You can reach me at the email address below.